Special Arrangements

Diner Dates

Escort Angency in Brighton

Escort Angency in Brighton

For our special clients we have special offers. We understand that you might be interested in more different kind of escort services and this is even more interesting for our precious ladies. Some gentlemen need a lady to accompany and travel with them on their business trip or meeting. Unfortunately, not everybody’s lucky enough to have a suitable partner for their special occasion but fortunately, we have a great selection of women, carefully selected not only by looking, but by interests and skills as well. In terms of you making the right impact and to impress with the lady accompany you, we trained them well to know how to dress, make up and behave depending on the different occasions. You can relax after you make your booking because we guarantee you that you won’t have a dull moment with her, but exactly the opposite. You can rely to us that our ladies know what they are doing and how to do it, so you can be as happy as possible and fully satisfied!

Dinner Dates

You’re feeling like having a nice romantic dinner somewhere tonight, but you don’t have a partner, or perhaps your partner is away and not available for the night? Don’t stay bored and alone at home or hotel room. You can easily book one of our beautiful escort ladies and take her out for dinner with you. Find the one matching your taste, style and interests and let her accompany you for dinner, friends meeting or business associates in the restaurant of your choice. Our ladies are well-mannered, tactic and know how to behave in every occasion and how to handle every situation. Let us know what is the occasion and she will be appropriate dressed and make up. She will charm you and everyone surrounding you with her elegant and finesse behavior. Our ladies are not only beautiful, they are also intelligent and with each one of them with different interests.  Our employees are always here to give you ideas for places to take her or hotels if you haven’t planned anything yet. Call us and we will arrange you a memorable night!

Nights Out

You’re in or around Brighton and you feel like going out tonight but you don’t have a company? You’re in England for a first time and you don’t know anyone here? Or perhaps you have friends to go out but they are all couples and you’re without a partner? No matter what the situation is, our attractive-fun and intelligent female escorts will be happy to accompany you. Involve her in your plans or improvise and let her take you somewhere. Each one of our precious girls is unique and different from the others in an amazing way. Don’t be surprised if you let her improvise and she takes you to the Brighton Pier for a sunset stroll along this Victorian pier. You’ve probably heard of Brighton Beach – If you do like to be beside the seaside, head to Brighton seafront with its famous pebble beach. Paddle, swim or simply relax with your Brighton Escort lady and soak up the cosmopolitan vibe of the promenade. Or perhaps you love museums and art? – Hove Museum & Art Gallery is just for you then. This family friendly and accessible museum includes galleries depicting Hove’s role in the birth of cinema as well as the nostalgic Wizard’s Attic with toys from yesteryear. There are four paddling pools across the city, the main one is on the seafront by the old West Pier. The pools are free to use and open from late May to early September. A great way to cool down in the hot summer months! Wouldn’t this be great to experience with your lovely escort lady?

If you have other interests and ideas, don’t hesitate to ask our reception staff for a different escort partner and arrange the night of your life now!

City tour Guides

If you’re coming to England for a first time or somewhere around England and you’re curious to tour around but you don’t have anyone nearby to show you around, we can provide you with just the right escort for you! Not everyone are lucky enough to have friends close by ready to tour with you, therefore we’re here to help! Hiring an escort doesn’t have to be connected with sexual services only. Our escorts are not only beautiful and attractive. Some of them are more intelligent than you might expect and will surprise you a lot! If you have already planned something and you need a company, don’t hesitate to contact us! We will arrange you with just the perfect companion matching your preferences, criteria and interests!


Our Brighton escorts doesn’t provide their services only to  gentlemen, but also to couples who like to enjoy themselves. You can rely to us that she will bring your young and energetic self back to the game and will make yours and your partner’s sexual life exciting again. There are lot of couples and families who have been together for a long time and they kind of lost the spark in their adult shared time together. Don’t you worry about that. We are coming to help you out!

More and more male-female couples are looking for a discreet way to explore their sexuality by inviting another bisexual woman to join them for an erotic adventure. However, it is not easy to find a suitable high-class escort matching your both tastes. Fortunately, we have a various selection of women and you can be sure that the one which is perfect for your type of erotic partner is available for you. She will bring your relationship into a new dimension by make you experience a sexual adventure which is not rushed, but exciting, sensual and passionate, with an open and free communication, instead of threat.  Your bisexual escort lady will enjoy eroticism with both men and women and will actively participate with both male and female and will divide her attention as equally as possible, unless requested otherwise. Whether you enjoy hot and passionate or romantic and soft adult journey, your time together will we heavenly!

Spoil yourself in the most delicious way!

There are moment is our lives when we need to be finally completely pleased. If you’re tired of compromising and holding yourself up for your own reasons, it’s time to stop! You want to be fulfilled, teased, kissed and cuddled like never before. Sometimes it might not be enough with just one woman of satisfaction, or with other words – you feel a little bit bored with your partner after all those years. You want something new, something fresh and exciting. You want to feel the spark again.  Or perhaps, you would like to share this new experience with your partner. You just want it all! Just imagine it. You (or you and your partner) being surrounded by sex symbol, passion and sweet charm might be exactly what you needed. It’s time for you to fulfill all the fantasies you have been keeping deep down in yourself for so long. Whether you enjoy watching lacy thighs and silky skin lighted by candles or you prefer to be the king of your servants of pleasure, our divas will satisfy every fantasy of yours. They are not shy and are very open-minded when it’s about your most secret and darkest erotic fantasies. They enjoy what they are doing and are ready to take care of you and gift you with an unforgettable experience. Allow yourself to be taken pleasured by sexual diva of your own choice!

Whether you want to watch passionate adult entertainment between your partner and her or to be included in this heavenly experience, it’s up to you! You can choose between an erotic, selfish pleasure of you and a super hot lady of your choice, or the sensual eroticism of watching your partner and another lady of our stunning ladies together  – one of the most beautiful things for a man to see in this world!

Let us know what would you enjoy the most and we will set up your long dreamed erotic experience!

You will thank yourself that you did!